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American Program Bureau Inc. sole source- CDL-posted 7-28-21.pdf ​Procurement

Pennsylvania state law requires requests to award sole source contracts be posted for 10 days prior to approval.  The following list represents all active PHRC sole source contracts currently awaiting approval.
PHRC publishes materials designed to educate the public about their civil rights, and to promote equal opportunity and diversity. Publications may be downloaded free and reprinted without permission. Materials can also be requested by email
here or by phone at 717-783-8266.
Please remember to include a mailing address and contact phone number or email address. If you are requesting materials for a specific event, please tell us about the date, type and location of the event.  Please allow at least two weeks for us to fill your request.
American Program Bureau Inc. sole source- CDL2-posted 7-28-21.pdf
American Program Bureau Inc. sole source- CDL-posted 7-28-21.pdf
Hazelton sole source checklist 4-6-21.pdf
LHOP 2021 sole source checklist signed LA posted 3-26-21.pdf
University of Maryland C-Drum sole source - signed LA post 2-8-21.pdf
PCN sole source 2021.pdf
Hazelton sole source checklist 8-13-20.pdf
PCN sole source.doc
Hazelton sole source checklist 1-6-20.pdf
Dugan sole source checklist 11-15-19.pdf
Elite sole source.pdf
PA 211.pdf
411 sole source.txt
DiAngelo sole source.pdf
LHOP 7-19-19.pdf
Dr. Anthony Monteiro 2 April 2019.pdf
First Person Arts, Inc. 28 March 2019.pdf
Asantewaa Group 27 March 2019.pdf
The mediation process.docx
Internal Development and Planning LLC 20 Nov 18.pdf
Lisa Dugan 29 Nov 2018.pdf
Mediation process Spanish.pdf
Mediation process English.pdf
Mediation FAQ-Spanish.pdf