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Public Hearing Information 

Public Hearings are scheduled by the Office of the Hearing Examiner. The PHRC currently has two Hearing Examiners, Tamara Shehadeh-Cope, Esq. and Darlene Hemerka, Esq

The primary focus of the Office of the Hearing Examiner is to perform the adjudicatory functions of the PHRC. The office adjudicates Motions, issues Rules to Show Cause when petitions are filed alleging a Respondent has failed to answer a Complaint, makes recommendation of a finding of liability when a Respondent does not respond to a Rule to Show Cause, conducts pre-hearing conferences in those cases that are approved for Public Hearing, and either conducts hearings as Hearing Examiner or advises a Panel of Commissioners when a Panel is assigned to hear a case. 


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Filing Guidelines

The parties are expected to attempt to resolve any disputes prior to filing a motion with the Office of the Hearing Examiner. To the extent filing a motion is necessary, parties shall explain what steps were taken to try and resolve the dispute.

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​Public Hearing Calendar

1. September 27-28, 2023: Rodriguez v. Reading Housing Authority, PHRC Case No. 202002589 (Berks County) 

2. October 12-13 2023: April Crenney v. 1400 Main Holdings LLC PHRC Case No. 202101192 (Washington County)

3. October 23, 2023: Timothy Foster v. Newco Resources LLC, PHRC Case No. 202101974 (Dauphin County)

4. December 7, 2023: Sheila Koinski v. The Beautiful Group, PHRC Case No. 201900413 

5. January 10-11, 2024: James Bennett v. Borough of Middletown, PHRC Case No. 201802992 (Dauphin County)

If you are an organization interested in hosting a public hearing,  or if you would like more information about the hearings scheduled, please contact

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