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Welcome to the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission Online Employment Complaint Form. A Keystone ID is required to access this site. Please follow the directions below to convert your Keystone ID into a Keystone Login account, create a new Keystone Login account, or use an existing Keystone Login account. 

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If you already have a Keystone ID, click the Login using the Keystone Login Service link in the box on the right. On the Keystone Login page, enter your Keystone ID credentials and click the Login button. The Keystone Login service will attempt to find your existing Keystone ID and convert it to a Keystone Login account.
If your Keystone ID is found, you may be prompted to anser one or more security questions. This could happen if your existing Keystone ID security questions do not exist in the Keystone Login system. If this happens, you will be prompted to select a new security question to which you will be required to provide a new answer. When your security questions have been selected and answered, you must save your changes. Once this is completed, you are ready to proceed using your Keystone Login account.  

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We have joined with other state agencies to offer the Keystone Login service, a single, secure way to access multiple commonwealth services. If you do not have a Keystone ID or Keystone Login account, click on the New User link in the box on the right. Once your account has been created you can return to this site to continue with the Online Employment Complaint Form. 


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Click on the Login Using Keystone Login Service link in the box on the right. You will then be redirected to the Keystone Login page where you can enter your existing Keystone Login and password. To ensure your identity you may be asked to perform additional authentication with either the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation or Experian.