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Social Justice Ambassador Program

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A PHRC Social Justice Ambassador is appointed by the PHRC, to serve as an extension of its outreach effort within the community. The Ambassador acts on a non-partisan basis to assist the Commission in exploring training, outreach, and event opportunities in their respective community to further its mission in the areas of employment, housing, public accommodations, and education. In so doing, the Ambassador will function as a Commission liaison in promoting awareness of the existence and purposes of the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act and the Commission. Additionally, the Ambassador will facilitate potential venues where trainings, meetings, and other outreach events can be held within their community.

Duties of the Ambassador

The PHRC Ambassador acts on a non-partisan basis to assist the Commission in exploring training, outreach, and event opportunities in their respective community to further its mission in the areas of employment, housing, public accommodations, and education. The ambassador will assist in

  • Promoting awareness of the existence, mission and purposes of the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act and the Commission.
  • Serving as a referral conduit by which potential employment, housing, education, and public accommodation discrimination complaints can be submitted.
  • Assisting in maintaining the Commission remains updated on issues and incidents of hate and bias within their community.
  • Providing regular updates to PHRC staff regarding outreach activities and referrals to the Commission.
  • Assisting with finding space for PHRC functions or meetings.
  • Meeting with potential complainants and provide information on how to file a complaint and send intake questionnaires to the PHRC Regional Office staff for further processing.
  • Reporting of monthly statistical data to on Ambassador outreach activities.

Composition and Appointment

A PHRC Ambassador can be, but is not limited to, a single individual associated with, a non-profit community organization, civic organization, educational institution, place of worship, organization that serves the community, or a government entity assuming their vision and mission aligns with that of the Commission and pending final approval from the Commission’s Executive Director.

To become an Ambassador, an individual must submit an application or be nominated using the appropriate form. References will be requested and checked to verify the individual’s submitted information. Prior to appointment, the Ambassador will attend an interview panel composed of at least two PHRC employees. PHRC will maintain a library of online training materials to ensure Ambassadors have the knowledge and skills to represent PHRC in their county. It is expected that Ambassadors will complete their training prior to beginning service as an Ambassador.


Within 60 days of being appointed, the Ambassador will attend a training on the PHRC, its mission, goals, and the role of a Social Justice Ambassador. Upon completion, the Ambassador will receive an electronic and paper copy of the PHRC Social Justice Toolkit, which will be a binder of useful information and instructions on how to reach the PHRC to file a complaint. The Ambassador may
provide pamphlets, fact sheets, or materials that are approved by the PHRC.


The PHRC liaison will meet virtually with the Ambassadors as needed to provide news, updates, and discussions of the latest issues. Initially, meetings will take place monthly.

Term of Appointment

A PHRC Ambassador will be appointed to serve three years or until their successor is duly appointed and qualified.

Removal from Office

A PHRC Ambassador appointment may be rescinded by the Commission’s Executive Director whenever their judgment deems the best interest of the Commission will be served thereby.

Relationship with Commission

All complaints brought to the attention of a PHRC Ambassador involving an aggrieved person and arising from specific instances of discrimination in the fields of employment, education, housing, or public accommodations will be referred promptly to the Commission to ensure immediate investigation and handling by the Commission staff. Ambassadors will not offer legal advice, nor act in place of PHRC staff in investigating or screening of any complaints.

Relationship with Advisory Councils

PHRC Ambassadors may serve to extend the reach of Advisory Councils. Given that it is not feasible for a full Advisory Council to function in each county, Ambassadors can fill that gap by promoting awareness of PHRC’s work and connecting potential complainants with information about how to file a complaint. If an Ambassador wishes to serve in an area that already has an Advisory Council in existence, they will coordinate outreach activities through the Advisory Council Chair and regularly attend Advisory Council meetings, schedule permitting.

Questions can be directed to Stacey Waters, Outreach Coordinator at